Best Job Ever!

House sitting also means that I have access to Directv, i.e. one of the greatest television enhancements! I’m finally able to catch up on some great shows: Whose Wedding is it Anyway?, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane and Dress My Nest on the Style Network and my favorite… Three Sheets on Fine Living Network!

Host Zane Lamprey travels the globe to learn drinking customs and make friends with the locals. He’s tasted viper rum in Belize, champagne in Champaigne, Glenfiddich 50 Year Old Scotch in Scotland, 192-proof Pur Akvavit in Denmark, Guinness in Ireland and countless other beers, spirits and concoctions. Zane has, by far, the greatest job in the world. If only we could all get paid to travel, make friends across the world, learn a country’s history first-hand and drink! This picture is from Season 4 in Tanzania. Old episodes are also available on hulu so you can catch up on every trip!

2 responses to “Best Job Ever!

  1. Sounds like great tv to me! All of a sudden we lost the Style and Fine Living channels at our house. It was a very sad day. haha

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