Happy Birthday!

Today is my 24th birthday! I’m also sending birthday wishes to: Maureen McCormick, aka Marcia Brady, Neil Armstrong, Patrick Ewing, Josie Bissett, Jonathan Silverman and everyone else born on this wonderful day!

There’s something so magical about birthdays: cake & ice cream, wearing a tiara and of course the presents! I don’t just mean material items. There are many other things that can be wonderful gifts like getting to see someone you love, receiving messages from long-lost friends and seeing the joy in your parents’ faces as they watch you grow up.

This year I’m feeling nostalgic and want to share some of my favorite birthday memories, themes and gifts.

  • 4th birthday: My Little Pony theme! I was obsessed with MLP growing up and I still have a coloring book that I break out from time to time.
  • Many birthdays: Myrtle Beach, SC. My parents, brother and I spent at least a week there every summer when I was a kid, usually the week of my birthday. One year, I woke up and look out over the balcony and, from at least 10 stories off the ground, saw a message in the sand that my dad wrote, ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELINE!”
  • 8th or 9th birthday: Cowgirl themed party at the country club. Mom bought this party package at a school auction for me and my friends. She’s the best.
  • 10th birthday: I got my ears pierced just before my birthday and could finally borrow my mom’s beautiful jewelry. I still borrow her jewels (like the ring I’m wearing today!).
  • 16th birthday: Sweet 16 at the country club with a pink, silver & black theme. The smoke machine set off the alarm and three firemen arrived and joined the festivities!
  • 17th birthday: My dad had a liver transplant a few months earlier and was finally going to be healthy again.
  • 18th birthday: Spent in the Bahamas with my family at a gorgeous home in a private community…down the road from Sean Connery’s house!
  • 21st birthday: No explanation needed, it was awesome…from what I remember! Had a night out with my best friends, dinner at the Tortilla Factory and another night out with my brother and friends.
  • 23rd birthday: My grandmother passed away two weeks after my birthday but before she did, she chose a gift for me from her jewelry box-a huge citrine cocktail ring set in yellow gold. I think of her every time I see it.

2 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAD-DOGG! Holy crap, that was your 16th birthday when the smoke alarms went off? I arrived with Tim Lebeck and I think Alicia and Carlin jumped into the pool. Remember that one!? Hahahaha.

  2. I remember your 21st birthday! Specifically, yelling at the Pi Lambs to make room for you on the car ride home from Knutes. What a fun night.

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