One Outfit, Two Ways

These days, we’re all cutting back on those “extras” in life but one thing that you should never compromise is your style. You don’t have to keep spending your paycheck on a weekly massage or a new dress for every event. There are easy ways to save some green and keep your fashion up-to-date. Maybe you start going to a local beauty school for a trim or learn how to give yourself a killer at-home pedicure.

One thing I like to do is create options for the same outfit. If you have to wear a suit to work, try adding a funky necklace or a pop of color with a great shoe or handbag. This will make people think your closet is expanding when you’re really just saving money by mixing it up with pieces you already have. The same idea should be applied to casual clothes. Shorts, graphic tees and flip flops are summer staples but now that we’re nearing the end of August, it’s time to adjust our wardrobe accordingly. You can wear the same shorts with a white button up and ballet flats!

I created this set on polyvore as an example of how to go from day to evening with the same top and bottom. This idea is especially useful when you go straight from work to dinner or a happy hour. The left is a great look for running errands or meeting friends for lunch. The right is a more dressed up look for a night out with the girls or that special guy. The large bag works better for day to hold all of your essentials but you should use a smaller one at night because all you need is your ID, cash, credit card and lipgloss!

Two in One

What do you do to stay stylish on a budget?

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