My Poor Subie

Did someone put a hex on my car? I got my Subaru Outback in September 2006. At that time it already had 130,000 miles on it but it was in great shape. From then until now, it’s up to 214,000 miles, I’ve had to get the transmission fixed, new alternators or something twice and in the past year, new tires and new brakes. This brings me to last night.

I had a meeting at a volunteer’s house and didn’t start to leave until 9:00 pm. Well just as luck would have it, my car wouldn’t start. We tried to jump start it with three different cars that they have and it wasn’t holding a charge long enough to put it in gear and get it down the street to the auto shop. This is when genuine kindness took play. My volunteer and her husband told me to borrow their car to get home-which is 45 minutes away!-and they would call the towing company and the auto shop in the morning.

Needless to say (but I’m going to say it, anyway) they have gone above and beyond being helpful. I’ve known them for about two years so there is definitely a level of trust between us but still, this was such an unexpected offer! All they asked is that I put a little gas in it if I have to run around town today. I didn’t have to run around town but I still fueled up. They’ll also be getting a bottle of wine and a thank you card because I am forever grateful!

It’s nice to know that there are still people like this in the world!

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