My Latest Disasters

I was a hot mess this weekend and sadly, correcting the problems meant swiping my debit card a lot.

Hot Mess Event #1
I’ve been dying my own hair dark chocolate for a few years. My mom always tells me that it’s too dark for my complexion and doesn’t have enough dimension. So, in an effort to please her, I chose a different brand that claimed three-color dimension. Big mistake. The overall color is not bad, I do see a little shine where it didn’t exist before, but the tragedy is in my roots. They are one to two shades lighter than the rest of my hair. It gets worse. Upon discovering this (thanks to my best friend who pointed it out), I immediately went to the drugstore to buy root touch-up in the appropriate color. It didn’t work. Now I have to get my hair done at a salon for the first time and will probably have to continue shelling out cash for the upkeep.

Hot Mess Event #2
I love taking pictures. My camera is with me at all times, which is usually good because I capture moments that everyone can look back on. I went to a cookout over the weekend and rather than carrying my purse around, I stuck my Blackberry and camera in my pockets. A few adult beverages and hors d’oeuvres later, I had to use the ladies room. Around this time, my camera thought it would be a good idea to fall in the toilet. Waterlogged and stuck in the open position, my dear Canon SD870 is busted. Luckily my memory card still works so I didn’t lose any pictures. I am not able to be without a camera. It’s just not possible. The next morning, I went to Target and bought a new toy. I love it and the hot pink color but I’m still sad to see the money drain from my account. Perhaps I need to invest in a fanny pack?

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