I’m still working on getting my life back in order and one way to do that is to resume blogging on a more regular basis! Depsite my recent relationship status update, I’ve had a pretty busy social life. Tonight I’m going to dinner with a friend from high school (sushi, here I come!!) and then out to see an 80s cover band with my friends.

If this breakup thing has taught me anything, it’s that I have to put myself first. What I do needs to make me happy and if it doesn’t then I shouldn’t be doing it. This goes for my personal life and work life.

So what’s next for me? My immediate plan is to nanny for my one-year-old cousin Brett. He is soooo precious! I’ll watch him Monday-Wednesday until I find another full-time job. I will be flooding my blog with pictures of him soon enough. Speaking of baby cousins, another one was born into our family yesterday, Luke Elden Matthews. Mom and baby are doing great!


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