Philadelphia Hot Spots

I spent the weekend in Philly and hit the town (not the historic areas). Here are the additions to my ever-growing list of places I’ve visited:

  1. Tir na nÓg: My girlfriends and I started our night at this Irish Bar & Grill located in the Phoenix Building on Arch Street. Kudos to the DJ who played some great 90’s music. Yes, it does exist.
  2. Public House: The night got a little crazy after we arrived because. We met a lot of people from West Point and Annapolis because the Army/Navy game was going on. One Long Island Iced Tea later and our dance moves were unstoppable.
  3. King of Prussia: The largest shopping mall on the East Coast. Hello, heaven on Earth.
  4. Manayunk Brewery: They brew their own beer (I love the Bohemian Blonde) and you can order anything from sushi to wings to a BLT.
  5. Sapphire: Techno music, lots of pillow, and very strong martinis. Two out of three isn’t so bad

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