The Source of my Happiness

Christmas is my favorite holiday and it makes me think about other things I love and cherish. Like the song says, “these are a few of my favorite things.” (In no particular order)

  • High heels: I’m tall (5’9″) but I still love to strut around in three-inch heels. They make me feel powerful and sexy.
  • Target: The $1 Spot, the shoes, the movie deals…what’s not to adore?
  • Photo albums: My mom is a scrapbooker so I have elaborately decorated albums.
  • Pearls & Headbands: Classy, simple, and a sorority girl’s best friend. Plus they make me feel like Blair Waldorf.
  • Food Network: It makes me think I can cook like a pro.
  • Diet A&W Root Beer: Delicious on its own or when mixed with vanilla rum.
  • Puppies: Lou Lou and Tootsie (my parents’ dogs) are so adorable. Every time I go home I want to stick them in my purse and take them home with me. They’re actually small enough to do that…

2 responses to “The Source of my Happiness

  1. Come to Williamsburg, come to Williamsburg!!!Also, you are one of my favorite things and the source of much happiness. Just so you know πŸ™‚

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