My weekend with the girls

I spent another fabulous weekend with my best friends, Amy and Anita, in Philadelphia. Anita and I chose to carpool this time and boy does it make the ride more fun! I played DJ on the way up and brought back some of our favorite songs from Flogging Molly and Young MC.

Friday night we stayed in and ordered dinner from The Couch Tomato Cafe. I love that name, it’s such a cute twist on a common saying. We had our usual gossip-fest with a couple margaritas, of course!

Saturday morning we went into the city to see the Rome exhibit at Constitution Center. We had to get a little culture this weekend! One of our favorite dinner spots is the Manayunk Brewery. They serve everything from sandwiches to sushi! We dined and drank and hopped around to a few bars and I’m happy to say that the drive home was hangover-free!
I always have a blast with my girls, here are some fun moments from the weekend.


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