Home at last

My 10-day stay in Vegas is over and I’m back on the East Coast. Happy to be home but man, do I miss the weather over there! I came home to snow and ice after beautiful, sunny, warm days in Sin City.

Most of my time was spent working at a conference: standing all day, stuffing bags & envelopes, talking to hundreds, and losing voice in the process. I was more than happy to be at the conference. I got to mingle with co-workers and meet a few BI industry people, giving me an even better understanding of business intelligence. And the hotel wasn’t too bad, either. We stayed at the Wynn…have you heard of it?

The conference ended on Thursday but I extended my stay through the weekend so my mom and girlfriend could come out to visit. I finally got a chance to walk down the Strip during the day and visit all the gorgeous hotels & casinos. I gambled a little (wound up breaking even, or maybe making a few bucks), drank for free, and spent quality time with the girls. We went to a quasi-scandalous show on Saturday night at the Excalibur (look it up, you’ll see) and oh my, did we have a good time!

I hope I get to travel for work again; it was exciting to see the behind-the-scenes planning of a big event and feel like I contributed to its success.

I haven’t uploaded pictures from my camera yet but it’s on my to-do list tonight!

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