Springtime Wishlist

It’s a gloomy day in Northern VA and has been for a while. Besides sunshine, there are a few things I’m craving this Spring. Behold, another photo wishlist!

This adorable elephant piggy bank will be mine shortly. I spotted it at Urban Outfitters the other day on my way out the door but thanks to a reliable source (ahem, R), I know that it’s still patiently waiting for me to scoop it up! It’s the perfect quirky punch of color that my future apartment needs…and a future baby room, when the time comes for that.
I have been drooling over these Sperry Topsiders for years, waiting for a decent sale. Still searching for a sale but I know I’m going to wear them often so I consider them a worthy investment.
Hello pretty lady. I want a purse that oozes sunshine and will make me happy everytime I look at it. I’ve been carrying the same grey leather handbag from LOFT since the Fall. I love it, but I’m ready for a bright change! This is Dooney & Bourke’s Portofino Medium Grommet Sac. It’s on sale today, but tomorrow starts a new month and there might be a new special to look into! I just realized that I have an obsession with orange lately. Definitely not my favorite color (shout out to green!) but it’s fun to jazz things up sometimes.
Speaking of drool! This Michael Kors Alligator-Strap Watch is…stunning. I’ve been wearing knock-offs for a few years and it’s about damn time I get myself a real one! The price tag is out of my “buy on a whim” budget so this is something I’ll be saving for!
My girl Chelsea is coming out with her fourth book in May (pre-order your copy at Amazon.com) I’m also going to see her live, for the second time, with one of my girlfriends. I already ordered the book and tickets so my actual wishlist item is to take a picture with her. I got her autograph last year but wasn’t with a friend I could count on to take a decent photo!
My last wishlist item isn’t related to my wardrobe. Frosting for the Cause is a project that started on January 1, 2011. The goal is to have 365 days of guest bloggers/bakers. The bakers share a personal story about a woman in their life who faced cancer. Guest bakers commit to donating a batch of cookies/cupcakes to their local Women’s Hospice and making a $25.00 donation to the Canadian or American Cancer Society. I signed up as soon as I read about the site and will be the guest baker on July 27! My wish here is that at least one person who reads this blog will sign up as well. Such a fun way to make an impact.

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