Wedding Inspiration

My brother’s engagement has weddings on my mind even more than usual (as in a dangerous amount!) I needed to channel my ideas in an inspiration board. I have a feeling that this is the first of many boards to come! R and I have talked at length about our future wedding and we have tons of ideas, a few of which I incorporated here.

  • Photo booth at the reception: guests can take one/leave one film strip for our guest book.
  • Escort cards: find your name and replace with a polaroid of yourself.
  • Color theme: Green (bridesmaid dresses and groomsman ties) and Navy Blue (groom’s suit and table linen)
  • Flowers: punches of orange and yellow in clear glass vases/bottles
  • Reception: outdoors under a tent or inside with easy access to outdoors
  • Bride’s attire: flats and an updo…gotta get my groove on!

Dress, top left: Allure Brides
Rings: ArtCarved
Shoes: Benjamin Adams by My Glass Slipper
Bridesmaids Dresses
Dress, bottom right: Birnbaum and Bullock

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