Bright Day Friday

The weather is so gloomy today, I need a bright pick-me-up as I head into the weekend! I’m planning an intense bedroom clean tomorrow and it got me thinking about decor for my future living room. When I started picking out pieces, I didn’t have a color scheme in mind but it quickly turned into…well…you can see.

It’s a rough attempt at creating a room, since I don’t have a specific program to get the angles/proportions. I did this in PowerPoint and, for a first try, it’s not terrible!

Nolan Jade Rug, Crate & Barrel
Troy Right Arm Chaise, Crate & Barrel
Lacquer Vase, Z Gallerie
Table, IKEA
Mariposa Table Lamp, Z Gallerie
Pillows: Top Middle Bottom, Z Gallerie
Mademoiselle Painting, Z Gallerie
Picture Frames, IKEA
Elephant Bank, Urban Outfitters (no longer available online, check your local store)


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