I really love my…

You know those magazine articles featuring celebrities who are photographed sporting the same jacket/handbag/sunglasses over and over again? I’m happy to see that the starlets are just like us and like to recycle and re-wear their favorite pieces. Unless it’s your wedding dress or an inexpensive/costume-y item, why would you buy something to only wear or use one time?

Now that the weather is warming up, I’m excited to break out my sunny-weather favorites and share them with you!

1. Urban Outfitters Cooperative Front Pocket Pouch, $38
2. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Kook-a-Mango & Commander-in-Chic, $8
3. Payless Kruise Peep Toe Sling, $24.99
4. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer, $79+ (confession, these are still on my to-buy list!)
5. New York & Company Gold Watch, $19.99 (bought this a few years ago, often mistaken for Michael Kors!)
6. Apple iPhone 4, $199 with two-year plan

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