GLEE…for free!

I really love my job. I like what I do as a Social Media Associate and there are a lot of perks here. We celebrate Bagel Friday, the company sends to fabulous destinations (see my posts about that here and here), and sometimes you can get free tickets to shows in D.C. Every now and then we get an email about available tickets that you can put yourself on the wishlist for…and I managed to get two tickets to see Glee in Concert.

I’m not talking about free, nosebleed seats…I’m talking pimped out access to our company suite at the Verizon Center. Hello luxury! I went with a friend-slash-coworker and we had a total blast! I mean, look at this place! You’d be hard-pressed to have a bad time.

I won’t share all of my pictures but the one above is pretty great. You’ll notice Heather Morris (aka Brittany S. Pierce) rocking some bright blue knee socks.

In addition to the kickass view, we enjoyed complimentary food and drinks. The mac & cheese and Grey Goose were flowing!

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