Some very exciting news!

For a few months, R and I have been feverishly apartment hunting. I have a month-to-month lease but he’s getting the boot on July 31 because the homeowners are moving back. I was spending hours each day searching for an apartment the suited our needs and wants. I should say, my needs and wants.

I couldn’t picture us living in anything less than a 2BR with at least 800 square feet of space. After a few exhausting weeks, I realized that this was a next-to-impossible wish list if we wanted to stay within budget. Enter compromise! Oh, hello. It’s nice to meet you. I started expanding my search to (gasp) 1BRs and 1BRs with a den but everything was so small! I’m not talking 799 sq. ft. small. I’m talking 490, 650 sq. ft. t-i-n-y. And not only small but gross, old, and poorly reviewed buildings. Good thing I already take anti-anxiety pills, otherwise we would’ve had a full-blown panic attack on our hands.

Just as I was losing my searching energy, I stumbled upon a too-good-to-be-true listing. Thanks to my page refresh twitch, I was able to contact the owner shortly after it was posted and set up a viewing for the next day. This place was perfect!

  • 1BR + Den (800 sq. ft.)
  • Granite countertops & breakfast bar
  • Black appliances
  • Walk-in bedroom closet
  • Patio & backyard
  • Close proximity to work…and Target!

Turns out I wasn’t the only one with a click-happy finger who ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the description and pictures. Over 70 people expressed interest in the apartment! Uh oh, we have a lot of competition. We were one of the first couples to look at the place and realized we needed to move fast to secure it as our own.

Here’s where my HGTV addiction started to pay off. We included a letter with our application that expressed how excited we were to potentially move in and what great care we would take of the apartment. A letter obviously won’t prove  your employment or credit history, but it can’t hurt to let someone know that you are serious about your interest in renting.

Four painstakingly long days after we turned in our application, we were offered the apartment! We can’t wait to start setting up our first place together! Of course I’ll be documenting the whole experience, including a few DIY furniture projects. We’re signing the lease this weekend and will start moving in the middle of July.

The lesson through all of this? Set some standards but be flexible; you never know what’s out there unless you expand your search!

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