Furniture face-lift, part one

Remember the empty condo that I introduced you to? Here’s a reminder of how it looked back then:

And here’s what it looked like on day two of our move:

Yikes! Would we ever get those boxes unpacked? Will that ugly yellow chair ever be a looker again? Yes, in time!

R and I have officially been in our new place for 10 days and we’ve actually accomplished a lot, including crossing one DIY project off our to-do list that I’m excited to share with you.

My parents have a ton of furniture in their basement, garage, and storage unit. This is good news for me and R because it means we don’t have to spend oodles of moolah on furnishings. The not-bad-but-fun-news is that most of these items need a little bit of love to bring them back to life, and back to the 21st century!

Meet our corner cabinet:

She’s a beauty, right? Wrong. Years ago, my mom tried a crackle paint finish that ended up looking like, well, a hot mess. No offense mom, you know it’s true. R and I chose a paint color that would match our Craigslist dining room chairs (you can see those in a picture down below) and one night after work, it was time to get our paint on.

I spend a lot of time reading Sherry and John’s blog, Young House Love, and took their advice of using a latex paint. We took a desk drawer into Home Depot so they could color match it to Behr Premium Plus Ultra semi-gloss paint and primer in one. Since the cabinet already had a few coats of paint on it, we just took the sandpaper to the peeling areas created by mom’s crackle paint attempt. We attacked the dark green interior first, which took the most time thanks to the angles and our lack of painting experience. Check out those rolled up, I-mean-business sleeves.

We followed the directions on the paint can and waited about four hours to apply a second coat. We let it dry overnight and all of the next day before loading our glassware and dishes into our brown baby. One more reminder of how our dining room looked before the makeover:

And here’s our closer-to-finished eating space! The cabinet has a bit of a cherry hue to it and looks simply fabulous with our chairs (which will be getting a fabric face-lift soon enough).

The table needs a paint job as well but that’s another project for another post!


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