Paint takes two, baby

Do you like my play on words in that title? Yeah, I’m clever. And I’m also clearly talking about paint in this post! I showed you our corner cabinet makeover here, but that was just the first step in transforming our dining area.

As I’ve mentioned before, R and I were lucky enough to get a bunch of furniture from our folks – our wallets thank you. Here’s one of those items, a very well-used, well-loved dining table. I used to eat breakfast out of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal bowl every morning so those stains are probably spilled milk and turtle power.

We chose to paint the table the same color as the corner cabinet (which also happens to match our chairs) so the room would have a cohesive element. We’re counting on the rug, chair cushions, and tabletop accessories to provide the pops of color.

The only tricky part about painting the table was working around the folding leaves. We kept them up for the first coat (to get all of the important under-the-table spots covered) then pushed in the locks to make sure there wasn’t a spot of “old table” poking through. I held up the leaves while R painted upside-down…and he only complained the awkward angle twice. I consider that a success.

We waited an extra 12 hours or so before putting anything under or on top of the table, just in case. No point in risking a ruined rug or getting paint on those reupholstered chairs! Need a reminder of what the dining room looked like when we moved in?

And here it is now, with a freshly painted corner cabinet and table, new area rug (back in stock and available from Urban Outfitters), and reupholstered chairs.

We love it. This table is the perfect size for our space and the folding leaves make it even better – we keep one side up and one side down when no one eats on it so we have more walking space between the chairs and the breakfast bar.

I don’t have an updated pic of the dining room today, but try to imagine green placemats and a bowl of fruit in the middle of the table.


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