Birthday traditions

I must be getting old because my worn out brain forgot to post about my birthday. Hope you like time travel because we’re going all the way back to two weeks ago!

Sticking with a tradition that started on my 17th birthday, I went to a hibachi restaurant for dinner with my family and extended family. That means my parents, my brother and his fiance, R, and R’s mom and step-dad took up a whole table at the Japanese Steakhouse Sakura. Look at the big, happy group!

You’ll note that I’m wearing a tiara, a tradition that also started when I was 17. Something about a feathery tiara just makes everything better and more magical.

If you haven’t been out for hibachi then you are seriously missing out. They cook right in front of you and entertain the table with egg roll jokes and smoking onion volcanoes. They also fling shrimp at everyone as you try to catch it in your mouth. I kept up my shrimp catching streak, which I am very proud of. Enjoy some pictures from the night.

This is one of the best pictures of me and my dad. I’ll always be his little princess, never mind the fact that I’m now 26 years old.
After dinner, we went back to my brother’s condo for more drinks and to open some gifts. My family has the habit of spoiling each other rotten so I walked away drove home with a wine chiller and lots of wine, a popcorn popper, jewelry, books, gardening supplies, and some kitchen items.
One really cool thing that my parents got for me and R was a “Pirate on the Potomac” cruise. It’s an hour-long cruise on, you guessed it, the Potomac River. We plan to cash in those tickets this weekend so I’ll be back with an update on pirate booty next week.
So that was Friday night of my birthday weekend. The next night was girls night out! I won tickets on Twitter for a Lady Gaga/Madonna/Britney Spears Dance Party at the 9:30 Club and since R was definitely not interested in joining me, I went with my soon-to-be sister-in-law.
Check out our matching outfits (and the cute little photo bombing pup). We had a few drinks with the boys at home then danced our behinds off at the club.
I love birthdays, and not just because of the presents and free dinner. It’s a perk, for sure, but I’m much more interested in spending time with the people I love as we laugh over a belly-filling meal and sip on cocktails.

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