Light up my life

Eek, I’ve been a bad blogger! Things got busier at work and all my spare time at home was spent watching Nip/Tuck. (Seriously, an amazing show that I never got into when it originally aired!) R and I are heading out of town this weekend for a music festival and I can’t hit the road without blabbering on telling you about the progress of our apartment.

But first, I should mention the crazy meteorological happenings over the past few weeks. You know the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the East Coast? Yep, we felt it. My desk is on the 8th floor and there’s construction on floors 6 and 7, so at first I thought it was just really loud tools. Then the bobble head on my desk started bouncing really fast…and everyone bolted for the stairwell. Turns out, FEMA doesn’t recommend that you leave a building during an earthquake. Guess we would have known that if we had a quake procedure! They also suggest staying away from glass and windows. Easier said than done when your building looks like a giant pane of glass.

Luckily our building is still structurally sound but the same cannot be said for my beloved Dexter Morgan.

Poor guy. Rather than repairing or pitching him, I’m leaving him like this. It’s strangely fitting that something bad finally happened to Dex but the baby didn’t deserve this.
An earthquake in VA is enough excitement for one week, right? Mother Nature thought otherwise; enter Hurricane Irene. Everyone goes into panic mode when they hear “possible power outages” and basically ransacks the grocery store. Why would you stock up on eggs if you’re fearing a power outage? Are you going to make a few dozen omelettes before the lights go out and your refrigerator cuts off?
The rain was heavy and a few areas did lose power, but our condo was not one of them. Sadly, our housewarming party was kind of a bust thanks to the storm.
Oooook, that gets you up to speed on the weather. What was this post supposed to be about? Oh right, lighting! I don’t have a before-and-after to share but I wanted to jot down my ideas about lamps. Thrilling, I know. Are you compelled to keep reading?
So far we’ve purchased exactly one table lamp. The rest of the lamps are leftovers that we’re not crazy about keeping. My mom and I found this beauty at Home Goods back in July but despite hunting around for its mate at other locations, we couldn’t find one.
Someone was selling TWO on Craigslist but the $135 price tag was waaaaay too steep, especially considering ours was a mere $35 (thanks in part to a 10% discount after I found a teeny tiny chip that isn’t even noticeable). Please excuse the iPhone photo quality – I was in a rush to send a picture to my friend so she could search the store near her house. No luck.
I switched gears and started to focus on finding bedside table lamps. Why are lamps so darn expensive? I went back to Craigslist, hoping to find a matching pair that I could paint but nothing had the shape I’m looking for. Then I did what I should have done in the first place – I went on Pinterest!

These are gorgeous…and under $40! The mint green one, shade included, is from Pier 1 Imports. The lovely blue one is from Lowe’s and also comes in orange and a muted dark green. I like the blue one the most but it will clash with our more vibrant turquoise duvet, seen here, so we’ll likely go with orange.
I’d still rather re-purpose an inexpensive lamp base but it might be easier buy one and save my DIY skills for another upcoming project. I’m glaring at my sewing machine, willing it to create flawless pillow covers. We’ll see how that goes but I have a feeling that my pillow post will be typed with bloody fingertips.

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