Fall faves

It’s still technically summer but I’m in fall-mode thanks to the head cold that snuck up on me a few nights ago. Don’t you hate the tickle in your throat that signifies a headache and stuffy nose the next day? Ugh, it’s the worst. The sun is shining but all I want to do is curl up under a blanket with a cup of hot tea and a romantic comedy.

No, I’m not going to gross you out with a post about nasal decongestants (the phrase kind of makes me gag). I like to share my favorite things with you – here, here, and here – so it’s only fitting that you indulge me as I talk about all the lovely fall items I adore!

  1. Elbow Patches. Nothing says “old British man” quite like tweed and elbow patches, which is exactly why I have to have this blazer. I usually wear blazers with jeans and I recommend not wearing boots over said jeans, unless you want to look like you just came from the stables. Equestrian-esque is cute but horse manure is not.
  2. Orange handbag. It goes with everything else on this board, even the red pants! I carry just about everything in my purse – look for a post about the contents soon! – so the size of this pretty little thing would meet all my bag-lady needs. Not only that, it’s gorgeous!
  3. Gray nails. Last fall my go-to choice was “Commander in Chic” by Sally Hansen. This year, I want to lighten it up ever-so-slightly with OPI’s “French Quarter for Your Thoughts.” Manicure Monday is a staple in my house, although it sometimes turns into a double manicure week since I have the habit of peeling my polish off – it’s strangely relaxing, don’t ask me why.
  4. Gold link bracelet. Worn on its own or stacked with a chunky watch and an armful of other bracelets, this baby is numero uno on my lust list right now. My mom has already told me to send her a few links (Christmas is closer than you think) so right now I’m searching for similar pieces of varying quality and price. I don’t want to get something that scratches easily or turns my wrist green but I also don’t want to spend (or have my mom spend) more than necessary. It’s funny, I used to hate yellow gold but now I embrace it with a big hug and kiss. Mixing metals has also moved off of my “don’t” list. Silver and gold? Sure, why not!
  5. Colorful pants. These wool cropped pants are super cute but I’d also take them in a classic chino material. Or in cobalt blue. Or mustard yellow. Basically, I love them and their fraternal twins. I can totally picture myself in a pair with leopard heels (a longtime favorite print).
  6. Flat boots are a must-have. I searched high and low for the perfect pair and the perfect price. Where else would my quest lead me but to Target? (side note, did you see that the site crashed on Tuesday due to the opening of the Missoni for Target line? I think everything is hideous but that’s not what I’m here to talk about!) Since my beloved boots are over a year old, they’re no longer on Target.com but this style, from Forever 21, is similar. Mine are more of a weathered look, like this, but I really love the smooth leather as well. My favorite ways to wear them are with a skirt/rugged jacket/thick knee socks, a dress/cardigan/belt/tights combo, or over skinny jeans with a bulky sweater and scarf.
  7. LBD. I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t have an essential black dress hanging in my closet. This one is from the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic but the 50s/60s style is popular these days so I’m sure you can find a similar style at another store. It’s hard to see in this picture but there’s a hint of lace at the shoulder – sexy! I would even jazz this up with a colorful belt (in case you can’t tell, I’m not afraid of color) or funky shoes.

Phew! That was a wordy post about my fall faves. There’s a chill in the air so hopefully we’ll all be able to bust out our sweaters and socks soon!

5 responses to “Fall faves

  1. Love grey nail polish. My go to is usually a paler gray, like OPI Moon Over Mumbai but I was contemplating the French Quarter For Your Thoughts my last manicure and sadly went with something else that I now hate.I was EXTREMELY excited to cart my rear over to Banana Republic to try on Mad Men clothes but was overall disappointed. A lot of the pieces reviewed by customers on their site say that they are too big in the bust and I found that to be true. I tried on the "joan" style dress and the "betty" style taffeta dress and even going a size down they both were too big. I was hoping to try on the dress you have here but they didn't have it in stock at the store I went. Sigh!

  2. I haven't tried on any of the dresses at BR but that's discouraging to hear! I saw a really cute dress at NY & Company that kind of fits with the Betty Draper vibe. Maybe that one will work out better (I know the price fits!!)

  3. I think I know what dress you saw at NY&Co! Does it come in black, gray, and hot pink? I wanted to try it on but they only had hot pink my size. Blah.

  4. The one I was thinking about only comes in black and blue (it's sleeveless so I guess it's not exactly like this Mad Men dress). I do like the ruffled shirt dress, just not in hot pink 🙂

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