Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

I’m in the middle of two other DIY projects that are almost ready for a grand reveal but in the meantime, I have a super simple one to share with you today.

The wall behind our dining room table was looking a little sad. We hung up a caricature but the 11×17 frame was dwarfed by the empty wall space.

I hunted around on my favorite blogs and home decor websites and decided that a large mirror was the way to go. The price tags, however, were not up my alley. Every mirror that I really loved was over $200! What can I say, I have Cristal taste on a Korbel budget. I hate paying full price for anything so naturally, I turned to my dear friend Craig and his list.

Craigslist, how I love thee. You are responsible for so many wonderful finds for our condo: dining room chairs, side tables, nightstands, lamps, the condo itself, and now…a large mirror!

I was willing to spend up to $50 and totally lucked out when I found a 37×32 piece for only $15! Add in the cost of new mounting wire and the total cost is under $20. I now crown myself Queen of Craigslist.

At first I thought about spray painting the frame a deep pewter color (to match the fruit bowl on our table) but R and I decided that the distressed chocolate brown looks great with our dark corner cabinet, table, and chairs. The room looks much bigger when the light reflects off the mirror – I just love it!

The mirror is heavy (maybe 20 lbs?) so we used a Hercules Hook to hang it. Thanks for those, mom, they are super handy! A pack could run you about $10 but they’re so worth it – nobody wants to come home to broken glass all over the floor.

So tell me, what have you found for a fraction of the original cost? I challenge you to beat me in the discount game!

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