LOFT loves me!

It’s no surprise that I love clothes and shopping. Last year I picked up a part-time job at LOFT to make some extra money stock up my wardrobe. Although I no longer work there, it’s still my favorite store and I am a frequent shopper. They really get me with those sales and rewards dollars and now they’re getting me with free gifts!

When I got home last night (after the Jay-Z/Kanye West concert!!), there were two boxes waiting for me: shoes that I ordered from Target and a small box from LOFT. I was worried for a second…do I buy things so often that I actually forgot about an order? I opened it up to find this LOFT Collection Stone and Buckle Cuff.

Inside the box was a note thanking me for being one of their best cardmembers and a 50% off coupon. LOFT doesn’t need to bribe me to keep me as a customer but this sure was a pleasant surprise!

I wonder if they send the same free gift to everyone. I love this bracelet but it’s definitely not for a simple jewelry type of person. Has anyone out there received a “thanks for shopping with us” gift?


One response to “LOFT loves me!

  1. Beautiful! I have never received a gift from LOFT, but it's nice to know they appreciate their customers. I visit their store at least twice a month!

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