Giving thanks

I meant to post something before Thanksgiving but I’m a bad blogger. Hopefully you all had a great holiday full of turkey, good times with family, gallons of mashed potatoes, and a glass or seven of wine.

I spent the holiday with R’s family, which was quite different than what I’m used to. Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house has reached 60+ family members some years (I know, that’s a lot of people). My grandmother had eight brothers and sisters, which means lots of cousins for me, and everyone comes out of the woodwork once a year. R’s family, on the other hand, is about 12 people deep. I actually got to sit at a table this year!

Since the boyfriend had to work on Black Friday (yay retail?), we drove up to Pennsylvania on Tuesday night to maximize our holiday before returning home late Thursday night. Wow, less than 150 words before I started talking about shopping. It was bound to happen eventually. As much as I love shopping, I did not leave the house on Friday. I considered going to Best Buy for some movies but the line was wrapped around the outside of the store at 10 pm so I went home and watched FRIENDS instead. Oh, and ordered a few DVDs from Target. Come on, you didn’t think I would completely ignore a sale, did you?

Besides being thankful for discounts, I’d like to give thanks for my parents, R, and my friends. Please note that I’m hesitant to include my brother in this list because he beat me in fantasy football this week but I guess he’s alright, too.

Now it’s time for the best time of year…Christmas!!! Hands down, it’s the best holiday. I’ve been listening to Christmas music all day to get in the spirit, not that it takes much to get me excited.


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