How low can you go?

I subscribe to Copy Cat Chic, which is an awesome blog that shows you a pricey item (leather chair, bench, mirror, etc) and then shows you an almost identical match at a much lower price. I’m taking a page from that blog today and playing my own little game of How Low Can You Go?

Here are three similar watches at staggeringly different price points. At a glance, can you tell which one costs the most? And can you guess which one is on my wrist right now?

On the right is a Michael Kors Midsized Chronograph watch. It can be yours for $250. On the left is a Flight Plated stainless steel watch from Fossil for $135. That’s a pretty great deal but get ready for fireworks. The beauty in the middle is the Bold Metal watch from NY & Company for only…are you ready?…$26.95!

You bet your bottom dollar I bought it! I know, I know. I shouldn’t buy myself presents right before Christmas but my mom and R were at the store with me and totally encouraged me to get it. I actually have quite the love affair with NY & Company watches because they almost always have the bold-faced kind that I drool over.


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