2011 Review

It’s hard to believe that 2011 is almost over. The year was filled with a lot of great moments and I’m here to share the highlights! For starters, I’ve had so much fun with this blog over the past year. I’m no where near blogging super-stardom but it’s really exciting to see the number of views and comments lately. Thanks for being a great audience and listening to me go on and on…and on about fashion, DIY projects, and the like. Oh, and I’d be a terrible girlfriend if I didn’t direct you to R’s annual project: his top 30 songs and top 50 albums of the year. Yeah, he’s kind of a music junkie. The song list went up today and the albums will follow suit tomorrow on his Tumblr.

And now back to my year in review. Please enjoy this stroll down memory lane.

January: After seven days at a work conference in Las Vegas, my mom flew out to join the fun! We did a lot of scandalous things like drink, gamble, and see Thunder from Down Under.
February: My sister-in-law to be and I saw Lady Gaga in concert. The blonde wig makes more sense now, doesn’t it?
March: R and I celebrated our one-year anniversary in Williamsburg, VA. I also turned into a redhead for a few months.
April: The wedding of the year! Of course I’m talking about Prince William and Kate Middleton. Oops, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Mom and I woke up at 3:30 am to wear tiaras and drink mimosas while we watched the spectacular event.
May: We spent R’s birthday weekend in Baltimore at the zoo and then at a comedy show, featuring Steve Rannazzisi from FX’s The League. Hilarious show, hilarious man. This was also the picture that prompted me to join Weight Watchers.
June: Me, my brother, and our parents at Relay For Life. My mom ran another successful event in her third year as Chairperson (dad’s also on the committee as Logistics Chair and Do-What-Mom-Says Chair).
July pt. 1: One of my BFFs came to visit so we could see Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj in concert. It was amazing, obviously.
July pt. 2: R and I moved into our first apartment together! This pic is from the day we signed our lease. Living together has definitely been an adjustment but we haven’t strangled each other yet!
August: I turned 26. No crazy blow-out party this year, just a nice dinner with my family and R’s parents. I continued the tradition of wearing a tiara and eating at a hibachi restaurant.
September: I actually forgot to blog about this but we went to a three-day music festival in Raleigh, NC. Hopscotch, as it’s known, was incredible but exhausting. Bands were playing in venues all over downtown Raleigh so there was a lot of walking and standing (I’m getting too old for this stuff). Best show we saw was easily The Flaming Lips. I found confetti in my underwear the next day.
October: Just what I needed, a week-long vacation with just the girls! The four of us spent five days in Orlando at Disney and Islands of Adventures. That’s Hogwarts behind us at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Insert happy face!!!
November: They Might Be Giants played their annual Thanksgiving show at the 9:30 Club and we managed to get on the guest list. Here they are with one of my favorite songs.
December: A few months ago, I started getting involved with my local Alpha Phi alumnae chapter. This picture is from the annual ornament exchange.

I’m sure I missed some excellent memories from the past 12 months but these were definitely blog-worthy moments with the family and friends I love the most!

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