Love, love, love

Happy February! I’ve been m.i.a. lately due to a work trip to Miami and this stupid cold that I’m still trying to get rid of but I had to come back to share a great family-friendly project. I posted this on Facebook and got so many comments that I couldn’t wait to share it on here.

You should know that my mom is a Kindergarten teacher and really into crafts – it’s probably why I love DIY, too! When I was a kid, we had a Valentine Box at home. In the weeks leading up to February 14, we wrote little notes of thanks, love, silliness, or whatever we felt like saying, and dropped them into a box. Then, at dinner on Valentine’s Day, we opened up the box and read the notes out loud. It was a sweet family tradition and now that R and I live together, I decided to bring it back.

I couldn’t believe the response I got from posting this on Facebook. I guess it never occurred to me that other families didn’t do things like this. Another great idea from Momma K (that’s what R calls my mom, so cute).

Materials needed to make a Valentine Box:

  • Shoebox with removable lid (not pictured)
  • Construction paper in pink, red, or white
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Knife (Swiss Army or box cutter)
  • Cookie cutters

I don’t have step-by-step pictures but it’s really easy. I started by covering the box sides so most of the “seams” were on the bottom. When it comes to the top, you should cut a rectangular opening before covering with construction paper. Then, once covered, make small slits and tape the paper on the inside of the lid, like this:

The last step is decorating! I happened to have Valentine cookie cutters, but you can draw by hand, use stickers, or even print out special shapes. Put a notepad and pen next to the box and you’re all set! This is such a sweet way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The last time I visited my parents, we found an envelope with notes from the 90’s. They still have the original box!

I hope this inspires you to start a sweet tradition with your family or roommates!


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