Wu who?

Jason Wu for Target, that’s who! I have always loved Target and they just keep winning me over with affordable designer lines. Remember a few months ago when Missoni for Target crashed the website and stores were bombarded with crazy women? On Sunday, the stores were bombarded again but at least the website stayed up! Let me share my experience.

I made my way to Target 45 minutes after they opened and that was a mistake – the amazing navy blue dress I wanted was gone! I saw a few items on the racks but nothing that I was dying to have. Then I noticed a bunch of women by the fitting rooms. They weren’t waiting to try things on, they were waiting for other women’s discards! Genius.

I made my way over to stand with the ladies and actually had a good time. We made small talk, put outfits together in our heads, discussed the fit of the clothes, and then someone would come out of a room. What does she have? What size is it? Who do I have to knock down to grab it? Ok, it wasn’t that vicious. Everyone was really nice but I heard that the situation was a little crazy at another store. Look, I love clothes as much (ok, more) than the next person but I’m not about to fight someone for a dress. So what did I get?

Navy Floral Pleated Skirt – Flared Dress w/ Nude Patent Belt – Blush Tie Blouse

These are only available in stores but there might be a few things left online if you hurry! Normally I would not be drawn to that floral skirt but after I tried it on, I couldn’t leave without it. I already paired it with a yellow top and am excited to bust that out this Spring. The black dress has a sequined underlay that is so fun when you twirl! Now someone needs to plan a party so I have a reason to wear it. As for the blouse, the color could easily wash me out but with the right accessories (in black), it won’t make me look like a total ghost.

And what about that navy dress I didn’t manage to scoop up? I’m currently stalking some eBay auctions (yes, items were online in a matter of minutes). Wish me luck!

Did you fight the crowds for anything on Sunday? What lovely things did you pick up?


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