Chain gang

After working in retail for a few years, I really hate paying full price for anything. I love a discount and will wait as long as I possibly can for the best sale or coupons. I had been searching for the perfect black suede pumps since my previous pair bit the dust last year.

Luckily I had a DSW Rewards coupon just begging to be used for what I consider a necessary shoe. I found a great pair online and went to my local store to pick them up. Mistake? Probably. I can’t be trusted around so many shoes! Unable to avoid the sale section, I booked it back to the size nines and quickly realized that I was leaving with more than one pair.

These brown pumps are listed for $79.95 online but they were an extra 40% off in stores. If that doesn’t scream no-brainer then I don’t know what does. Besides the chain, I’m loving the scalloped edge. It turns a classic pump into a total head turner.

If you’re considering purchasing either shoe I mentioned online, they run pretty true to size but I did have to insert some heel liners to keep my foot from slipping out while wearing tights.

What’s your favorite discount find? Anyone stock up on sale shoes like me?


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