Grammys: Best & Worst

Music’s biggest night hit a lot of low notes on the red carpet, in my opinion, but I did find a few pretty people in between the crazies. Music award shows are formatted a little differently than others – there are a lot of performances, only a handful of awards are actually handed out on air, and there’s a cool rock’n’roll vibe – so I get that it’s a chance for stars to take fashion risks. But artists, please, please stop it.

Exhibit A: Robyn
I just…what? My eyes are bleeding.

Exhibit B: Sasha Gradiva
Maybe next time you should try a cool gunmetal accessory. Or take a cue from Madonna and rock these shoes. How did she get past security with that thing? Sadly, the dress itself is really pretty but is totally overshadowed by her Terminator sleeve.

I think most people who watched last night (or saw pictures this morning) will agree that Rihanna looked absolutely amazing in that sexy black sheath. Kelly Rowland (below left) won me over with that illusion neckline and Kelly Osbourne’s dress (read: not her hair) also dazzled me.

What was your favorite moment of The Grammys? Mine was the amazing jam sesh with Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, and others at the end of the night. Absolutely incredible.

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