Trend 2: Stripes

Last time we talked trends, I hit you with bright, bold colors for your wardrobe and home/office. This time I’m sort of combining two trends that go together like peanut butter and jelly. I have a hard time not thinking about sailboats when I’m decked out (see what I did there?) in stripes so I’m also throwing in a few nautical items. Note, you’re not going to see a belt embroidered with dolphins or bottles of sand and shells. They’re cute but not exactly what this trend is all about in my eyes.

The classic nautical/stripe look is a mix of navy blue, white, and gold. It’s clean, timeless, and oh-so-lovely.

Knot ring, Kate Spade; Bracelet, J.Crew; Dinnerware, Target; Purse, Dooney & Bourke; Top, LOFT; Dress, Kate Spade; Vase, Amazon; Pants, Lilly Pulitzer; Wall clock, Wayfair; Duvet, West Elm; Polish, Essie.

Ahoy indeed! This serene feeling comes over me when I look at that picture above. White and navy are great but don’t neglect all the other pretty colors! Go for red and white, yellow and white…even multi-colored stripes

Umbrella, Mango; Shoes, Kate Spade; Clutch, Zara; Scarf, J.Crew; Skirt, Modcloth; Trench, LOFT; Bathroom items, West Elm; Sweater, Nordstrom; Floor pillow, World Market; Bracelet, The Limited.

Talk about adding some zest to your wardrobe and decor! Contrary to what you might think, horizontal stripes do not make you look fat if you wear them properly. If you’re still too shy to rock a bold stripe then just carry an umbrella or slip a cuff on your wrist.

Who else wants to hop on a yacht right now?


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