Hair woes

A few weeks ago I was dress shopping with my future sister-in-law and talking about how she’ll wear her hair on the big day. Right now, her hair is just above her shoulders in a cute bob but she’s trying to grow it out for her wedding and to do so, she’s taking vitamins – specifically biotin. Let me tell you a little bit about my own hair and why I decided to start taking it as well.

This is me today, after I abused my hair with a blow dryer and flat iron this morning. See the limp mess I’m working with? Also, what are those wrinkles doing on my forehead? Someone hook a girl up with botox. My birthday is in August.

Normally I’ll curl the ends a little bit, you know, just to fry my hair some more and give it the illusion of bounce. But on the days when I hit snooze too many times, like today, I only have time to straighten it. I have been cursed with fine, wavy, thin hair. It’s been the bane of my existence for 26.5 years. Ok, not for my first few years when I was rocking Shirley Temple curls but since I was 13 at least.

Yes, people lose some hair naturally every day but I swear, I’m gonna be bald before I’m 40 and that is not ok. I’ve seen the commercials and magazine ads that promise long, lustrous locks but I decided to take the vitamin approach. Biotin is usually recommended to strengthen hair and nails which translates to “sign me up.” I’m popping 5,000 mg a day.
I looked up all the uses I found out that biotin can also improve blood sugar levels. Basically, this vitamin is a win-win-win. I’ve only been taking it for a few days but I’m hopeful that this will give me stronger, possibly thicker, hair.

Anyone out there have other advice? My mother keeps telling me to stop coloring my hair and using abusive flat/curling irons but I can’t do that unless you want me to look like this every day. Help!

6 responses to “Hair woes

  1. I've heard folic acid is good for growing hair, too. And you should try easing up on the heat products. Maybe only blow driver or flat iron your hair every other day?

  2. Girl, we are in the same boat. I do a leave-in conditioner overnight at least once a week, sometimes twice. Its done wonders. (As do clip in extensions….!)

  3. My hair was falling out more than it should have been due to stress about a year ago. Since then, getting it cut shorter helped. Also, my hair dresser recommends the Cibu products, which have been working for me. I use a leave-in conditioner (Miso Knotty) every day in addition to a regular conditioner. If I'm going to wear my hair straight, I use Sashini to protect my hair before I use a flat iron. Sashini does make your hair a bit oily, so don't use too much. I also try to let my hair air dry for about 10-20 minutes before I finish blow drying it at a low setting. If you blow dry, don't use a curling iron or flat iron. Using the right type of brush while you blow-dry should give you the same look. Also, by not taking very hot showers, you preserve a lot of your natural scalp oils and your hair won't break as much.I've also discovered other tricks. Changing your part gives the new growth at your part some protection from heat and breaking. When you pull your hair back, don't do it tightly. Cibu also makes a product called Spring Roll which is a scrunching gel that doesn't make your hair hard, which is a good alternative for a cue 'do if your hair has any wave or curl in it.

  4. IL- I have been using Chi Keratin Mist (after I get out of the shower) and Chi Iron Guard (after I've dried but before I iron). If I want a super sleek look I will also use a tiny bit of John Frieda Straigh Fixation Smoothing Cream. All of these products have both keratin for natural straightening and protectants from the heat that I use. Over the last year I have noticed that my hair is less drab and I have less flyaways and split ends. I've really seen an improvement. If I want extra volume (even with using the straightening iron), I'll spritz on a little Chi Volume Booster. Good luck!

  5. I've been using Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner. It's for horses but it has proteins in it to grow hair. I got it at Walmart but Target might also carry it. It's always recommended in Cosmo. I tried the vitamins and it didn't work. But you shouldn't style your hair everyday. Try dry shampoo and only wash like every 3 days.

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