Confession time

Guys, this is serious. I have a problem and the first step is admitting it. I, Madeline, am addicted to discount shopping. Oh, you want me to prove it? Here’s everything I bought last week.

Cardigan, Urban Outiftters; Fedora, Target; Purse, JCP; JeansScarfTee; The Limited; Coral & Ivory flats, Urban Outfitters; Leopard & Snakeskin pumps, Target.

It all started when I remembered to look at the new JCP website and found that really cute pink and orange purse. I was just a few bucks shy of free shipping so I added a leopard print tee. Ok, no big deal. I’ve wanted a new Spring/Summer purse for a while and this was a lot cheaper than the designer bags I drool over. (Turns out the shirt was too short for my long torso so I’ll be returning that one.)

Then Target had to go ahead and offer $19.99 women’s pumps for one day only. Come on. That’s just not fair. It’s like dangling a sandwich in front of someone who hasn’t eaten in three days. Again, I was a few dollars short of free shipping so I added the fedora that I’ve been eyeing. Shopping done. Or so I thought.

R works at Urban Outfitters and as a perk, I get to use his discount. This week just happened to be employee appreciation (40% off everything, including already marked down items). I bought two pairs of shoes, a cardigan, and some toys for my desk.
No more spending money! I’ve done enough damage! Haha, said The Limited as they launched a 40% off sale. I picked up pink jeans, a scarf, and a t-shirt for less than the regular price of the jeans. That’s a win, right? Oh, I also snagged a tortoise patent leather belt but it isn’t listed online anymore. Just imagine its shiny goodness.

Why is it so hard for me to pass up a sale? My mom is to thank for that…or blame, depending on how you look at it. To this day when we go shopping and see something amazing she’ll say, “It’s just money.” My mom ingrained in me the idea that life is too short to not have what you want so if you really want that pair of earrings then get them, dammit! This is also why I’m bad at keeping budgets but whatever. I’ve made it this far without going broke so I’m just going to keep on keeping spending on.

Can you top my discount splurge or think I’m nuts for living this way? Let’s hear it, people…I can hold my own.


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