A tiny rant

I should preface this by saying that I have worked in customer service. I know it’s not an easy job and you often have to deal with crazy people. Let me give you a few nutzo stories that will make my issue seem like child’s play.

One time, a customer yelled at me because one sweater was on sale and another one wasn’t. Not my fault, the company decides on the sales! The sign said “select styles” (she didn’t believe me when I told her that and when she finally went back and read the sign again, she said it was confusing). I offered her a smaller discount in hopes of making her happy but she continued to yell and walked out. She came back in and demanded to talk to a manager. Oh, really? I was the manager that night so tough luck lady.Other stories involve getting dirty looks when we wouldn’t let customers return final sale items, hissy fits because we refunded the sale price someone paid and not the original item price…I could go on for hours. So just trust me when I say that I totally understand the frustration that comes with handling customer complaints.

And now onto my own customer complaint. As you know, I ordered a lot of stuff last week and I’m no stranger to online shopping carts. Every site I shop on will somehow alert you that the item you want isn’t available. Need that dress in a Medium? Ok, but we’re going to gray- or x-out the colors that are out of stock so you can only select what’s available.
Yep, every site does that but this one. I ordered something that didn’t show up in my shipment even though I was charged for it. I looked online and there’s a small “check availability” link, but no indication that I needed to check before selecting a size and color. This site lets you buy stuff they don’t even have! I was just tossed around to four different customer service reps via email to get a simple refund. The first person who responded didn’t seem to understand my issue so I replied and heard back from someone else. This went on with replies from two other people. I’m glad I’m getting my money back and at this point don’t even care that the item isn’t in stock but did anyone give an explanation as to why you can shop their empty inventory? Nope!

Ok, end rant. Let’s hear your best/worst customer service stories. I know I’m not the only one who needs to get something off their chest!

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