Product props

I realized that I talk a lot about clothes and DIY projects so it’s time for a beauty post. My knowledge of hair, face, nail, and body products is “competent” at best so keep in mind that the following products are just my current loves or long-time favorites.

Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend, Tarte LipSurgence lip tint. Hello, how do you do? This is the most moisturizing lip color I’ve ever used. The color is vibrant and stays on for a long time. The color pictured is “Spirited” (a bright, poppy red) but I have it in “Amused” (bright pink) thanks to my monthly Birchbox subscription. It really livens up a simple jeans & tee outfit. Disclaimer: The above link actually takes you to Sephora because Birchbox’s shop is out of stock due to extreme popularity.

I didn’t even own dry shampoo until two days ago but it’s already one of my favorite things. If you read about my hair woes then you know that I abuse my hair on a regular basis. Not washing my hair everyday has been known to cause some oily buildup but it never occurred to me to use dry shampoo until my BFF recommended it. I picked up TRESemmé Fresh Start Strengthening dry shampoo at CVS for less than $4 thanks to my rewards card.

The beautyblender is another Birchbox discovery. I’ve been using sponges to apply liquid foundation for years but this one is special and different. The trick to the beautyblender is to saturate it with water. This expands it to twice its size and gives you flawless, dewy skin. Here’s my favorite part, straight from Birchbox: “Using the sponge damp prevents it from absorbing excess foundation, so you won’t be wasting any makeup.” Gotta love a money saver!

I stopped splurging on real salon manicures a long time ago to save money but I still like my nails to look good. Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure has been my go-to polish because it doesn’t chip and it keeps my nails feeling strong. I’m currently wearing Kook-A-Mango, the best reddish-orange shade out there!

Even if I don’t have time to complete my full makeup routine (which in reality takes less than 10 minutes), I always apply a coat or two of mascara. My favorite is Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in black/brown. Want to fool people into thinking you got a solid eight hours of sleep? Just slap on this mascara for a wide-eyed & bushy-tailed appearance.

Share your favorite items in the comments section and I’ll share more beauty posts as I find new and amazing products!


One response to “Product props

  1. First, I'm obsessed with Dry Shampoo. It's my best friend. I discovered it within the year and can't believe I got along without it!Second, I am in awe of Beauty Blender. I HAVE to have this! People keep talking about BirchBox. I need to get in on this.I think one of my fave beauty products right now is my white eye pencil. It really helps to open my eyes after a long night of 'Mad Men' marathons. 😉

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