Tailgating must-haves

Even though I’m not crazy about baseball, I love going to games. Must be the mixed atmosphere of camaraderie and competition. Ok, it’s actually the beer and hot dogs. Tomorrow, R and I are going our first Washington Nationals game of the season and I am so excited!

We’re getting to the park early to tailgate in the parking lot and it got me thinking – what are the essentials for a great tailgate? It’s all about hanging out with your friends with a burger and beer. Throw in some music and entertainment and you have yourself the perfect pre-game experience.

A portable grill and cooler should be on the top of your priority list this summer. Since a tailgate is a few hours long, you’ll want to plan for all the snacks you might want. Get a cooler big enough to fit meats, cheeses, beer, bottles of water, and anything else you need – this one from Home Depot is 62-qts! There are hundreds of portable grills on the market. I like this one from Coleman (on sale at Amazon) because of the two prep trays and its easy-to-operate height.

While you’re at Target picking up those grilling tools, don’t forget to pick up a chair. I grabbed two of these Embark oversized armchairs last month and they are awesome. What you can’t really see in that picture are the zippered pouches on the backrest and the left armrest. Very convenient for holding my phone, wallet, sunglasses, etc.

When you’re not eating or sitting down, you should be playing a game! A deck of cards would work just fine but what’s even better is a game of cornhole. A guy at my office actually makes customized boards so hit me up if you want a set with your college mascot or favorite team’s logo. The folding table serves double duty as a food holder and a beer pong/flip cup table. This one (found at Walmart) is super easy to transport because it’s lightweight and has a handle.

Tunes are a must and how cute is that iPod/iPhone boombox?! The iHome tech specs show you all of the compatible Apple products (pretty much all of them) and come on, it’s just pretty cool looking.

Finally, don’t forget to slather on some sunscreen! A great day of tailgating shouldn’t be disrupted by sun damage.

Go Nats!

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