Mint is the new black

I’ve had my iPhone 4 for over a year now and I’m still using the bumper I bought that same day. My thought at the time was, “I just spent all this money on the new white iPhone and I want to enjoy it!” Well, white iPhones aren’t as rare these days and the bumper is a little beat up so I figured it was time to upgrade to a new case that served an extra purpose.

I don’t always feel like taking my purse with me when I leave the office for lunch – all I need is my debit card/cash and my phone. How convenient would it be if my phone case could hold my card & cash? Answer: very. And how cool would it be to have a custom design? Also very.

I enlisted the help of Peety Draws because I love her sketches and because she’s mah gurrrrl. Check out what she came up with for me:

Yep, that’s a dinosaur. With a martini glass. She’s sassy and a bit of a lush, just like me.

Since Peety already has a shop on Zazzle, I went with their Custom ID Case. Since you know I love a discount, I also signed up for a trial with Zazzle Black which offers free shipping on all purchases. There was also a 20% off Memorial Day sale on all merchandise so I wound up paying just $27.96.

The finished product looks fantastic! The color of the case is definitely lighter than the design image, so keep that in mind if you ever create one yourself. Even the picture above doesn’t do it justice. It’s the perfect shade of light mint. And here’s how it looks with my debit card. Love it!

Be-tee-dubs, If you want to get your own Peety Draws swag, visit her on Etsy, Zazzle, Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress.

3 responses to “Mint is the new black

  1. It turned out so awesome! I loved this custom drawing idea, not to mention, easy to work with. 🙂 I dub this case, “Lady Madeline.”

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