Put your feet up

This storage ottoman has been sitting in our bedroom for months, just holding my clothes that I don’t feel like putting away when I get into my jammies after work. When I saw a Living Social deal of $25 for $50 at G Street Fabrics, I knew I wanted to use the same fabric we have on our dining room chairs.

At first glance, the ottoman isn’t that bad. The colors go with our overall scheme and I could even live with the print. The problem not captured on film? The fabric is really scratchy and there’s a hole on one side.

The foam was in decent shape so all I had to do was remove the old fabric and nails, which was actually the hardest part of this transformation. Wrapping the fabric and staple-gunning it in place was easy (although my sore hands would disagree).

I used one piece of fabric to wrap the storage box itself and whip-stitched it shut at one of the corners. It was a miracle that I was able to sew these pillow cases so I picked the easiest way I knew to close up the ottoman.

It took a few hours from start to finish but it looks great! I love that it pulls the dining and living rooms together into a more cohesive design. There’s quite a bit of fabric left so I’ll just have to come up with another project!


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