Stress shopping

I’m dealing with getting my car repaired after some idiot rear-ended me on I-95 S last weekend. It wasn’t my fault and he is responsible for paying for the damages but taking time out of my day to call insurance companies and dropping my car off at the shop is getting to me. By the way, I just bought my car a month ago. Yeah, how’s that for awesome?

When I get stressed, the only things that calm me down are eating, drinking, and shopping. Since I can’t drink at work (making me wish my life were more like Mad Men every day), I ate my lunch and browsed some online sales. And just because I’m stress-shopping doesn’t mean I’m going to pay full price.

The Limited is currently offering an extra 40% off sale items (squeal!) so I clicked my way over to see what I “needed” today.

This white blazer, now out of stock, was marked down to $38.99. After my $15 Rewards Money and free shipping for using my Limited card, I only paid $25. Considering the original price was $128, I’d say this is one hell of a deal.

Is this a normal way to deal with stress? My bank account probably doesn’t think so but that moment of bliss when I get an order confirmation email is hard to beat.


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