Stamp it

After one year of my passport sitting around and waiting for stamps, it’s finally getting some attention this weekend when I head to Amsterdam!

My company has an annual conference in the US every January (my first year here it was Vegas, this year it was Miami) and every summer they hold an event in Europe for overseas customers. Even though I’ll be working during the day, I’ll have the nights to explore and take in the culture.

Since this will be an eight-hour, overnight flight, I have some preparing to do. I’ve been reading tons of articles about beauty travel tips and I’m resolved to keep my skin looking fresh. I also want to pack as light as possible. If you know me at all then you know this is a challenge but I need extra suitcase room for souvenirs.

Here’s a quick look at what I plan to pack in my purse for easy access:

I’ll wear my glasses during the flight but will likely pop in my contacts when we get closer to Amsterdam (so i can wear my sunnies and pretend I’m a celebrity, of course). Eye drops will be important to wake up my tired eyeballs.

I’m concerned about my skin drying out on such a long flight so I’ll have a lot of items on hand to combat that dryness. Mary Kay soothing eye gel will prevent puffiness and keep my sensitive under-eye area refreshed. Evian Mineral Water Spray will help revitalize upper layers of your skin – and it’s TSA-approved! I picked up a two-pack at Sephora so I can keep one at work.

Dry hands and feet make me miserable so my Udderly Smooth cream will come in handy. It was actually developed for use on dairy cows but now people use it to repair dry, cracked skin. It’s greaseless and has a light fragrance so it shouldn’t bother my seat neighbors.

Since Birchbox sends out sample sizes that are perfect for travel, I had to include one of the products in my bag. A few months ago, I received Likewise Facial Moisturizer + Sun Protectant SPF 50. I could use the Udder cream but this lotion packs a triple punch. It’s made with anti-aging soy and vitamins, will protect me from UVA/UVB rays, and is fragrance-free.

All this talk about fragrances and you might be wondering why I have perfume in my travel bag. This is for after we land so I don’t smell like a stale airplane. Stella by Stella McCartney is my all-time favorite scent and this one is in rollerball form, making it really easy to apply.

Static, dry hair is my nemesis so a ponytail, bun, or braid is my travel style of choice. I’ll comb in a leave-in conditioner before I put it up so I give myself a nice treatment on the fly – get it? Finally, I’ll have a pillow that not only keeps my neck from getting sore but also saves space because it’s inflatable! This one is from Target and only costs a few bucks.

I am so excited to visit a new country and see what the city has to offer. Amsterdam, here I come!


One response to “Stamp it

  1. So excited for this trip. I LOVE the rollerball perfume. That sounds so awesome and convenient.

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