Kitchen artwork

A few months ago I bought a pack of three small canvases for less than $10. I didn’t have a plan for them at the time, I just knew that they would come in handy one day.

I started seeing a bunch of utensil artwork on Pinterest and realized that I had to have some of my own.

Original pins: left / middle / right

I started by searching good ol’ Google for the utensil images that I wanted. A more talented artist could freehand them but I just don’t have those skills. I knew I wanted text below the image so I picked a font from Microsoft Word and printed them in a large scale.

Step one was to trace the utensils and text. Bee-tee-dubs, I did this craft while on vacation in Canaan Valley. The canvases started out white but I painted them gray in advance.

Since the utensils would be black, I wanted to add a pop of color with the text:

It took three coats of the black paint and at least four of the bright colors to get the desired effect. You’ll notice in the finished product that I added a highlight of each color to the utensil – I have my mom to thank for that idea.

There were no rulers or levels on hand so I eyeballed the placement of everything. Any imperfections will act as a reminder that this was a DIY, made with love project.

As I mentioned, the canvases were less than $10 for all three and the bottles of acrylic paint were only $0.59 (at my local AC Moore). I still need to buy some little picture hangers but that should cost a lot so my educated guess is that this project costs less than $15.

I have one more craft to share with you from Canaan but I have to wait a little bit since it’s a present for a friend. Oh the suspense!

2 responses to “Kitchen artwork

  1. Love this! Turned out exactly how you described it to me! I love the colors you chose, too. Makes me wanna get creative in the kitchen.

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