Pinned: Eat, wear, smile

Welcome to Week 2 of my new series, Pinned! As I mentioned last week, these Wednesday posts are going to give you a glimpse at what I’m loving on Pinterest. Of course, I pinned more than the five things I’m going to show you, so follow my boards to see it all!

As you know, I’m no stranger to colored denim. I recently added a pair of forest green skinnies to my closet (thanks to a 50% off sale at The Limited) so I was excited to replicate this outfit from What She Wore 365. I made a few minor alterations to the outfit above: I’m wearing a white v-neck top, gold belt, and snakeskin heels.

My brother got married over the weekend so I’ve had weddings on the brain more than usual lately. I really love this unique calligraphy from Grey Snail Press for a wedding invitation. Filing it away in the ‘near future’ part of my mind.

Speaking of weddings, this is advertised as an engagement photo from Alison Conklin Photography but the person I re-pinned this from gave me a great idea. Take a photo with your man, (or your best friend, pet, child, etc.) during each season for a cute photo display.

I don’t have pets or kids but I like the look of this pocket gate instead of the plastic/metal/wood ones that are baby- and Madeline-proof. I’ve always liked space-saving pocket doors and this is just as cool. When your kids are grown and you don’t need to keep them out of certain rooms, this pocket gate will still be useful for preventing dogs from bothering you during a dinner party or while you’re cooking.

Apple chips sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar? Yes, please! I plan on making these tonight to snack on during the football game. I can’t wait for our apartment to smell like Fall!

Feel free to link to your Pinterest boards in the Comments section so I can see what you’re loving lately!


One response to “Pinned: Eat, wear, smile

  1. The wedding invite envelope is awesome. I love hand-drawn elements on envelopes. Feels so much more inviting and cozy. I’m diggin’ the forest green denim. Looks even better in person. 😉

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