Weekend outing

You guys, it finally happened. This past weekend, I lost my Hobby Lobby v-card. Bloggers keep writing about their amazing finds so when my girlfriend suggested an outing to IKEA and HL, I was in.

I’d been looking forward to an IKEA trip for months, ever since I pinned the image below. This blogger used IKEA spice racks as shelves in her bathroom and it seemed like the perfect solution for our bare powder room wall.

Please try to imagine my devastation when I saw the “Temporarily Out of Stock” tag on the showroom floor. My heart sank – this was my only planned purchase! Before declaring the day a total bust, my friend suggested we look at some picture ledges that she recently bought to see if they would do the same job. The verdict?

I like them even more than the natural wood colored spice racks! These are the Ribba picture ledges (they come in white, birch, or black and in two different lengths). The two glasses on the top shelf are Mildra, also from IKEA – perfect for rinsing after we brush our teeth. The plan is to decorate with a picture frame or two and clear glass jars for q-tips, cotton balls and the like. Hopefully I’ll be able to share the end result in the next week or two.

After a quick lunch break, we hopped over to Hobby Lobby and I immediately fell in love. Almost everything was on sale, no wonder everyone is obsessed with this store! And wouldn’t you know it, on a girls’ day out I wound up buying something for R.

This 12 inch “man cave” sign was originally $9.99 but that beautiful SALE sign made it 50% off. There was a small chip on the bottom – if you look really close you can see a white speck between the “N” and “C”. The very kind cashier marked it 65% off and I simply colored it in with a brown marker at home. There’s a good tip for you – if you find something you love but there’s an imperfection, ask if it can be discounted. Stores will usually do this for you, especially if it’s the only piece left.

Even though I didn’t buy as much as my friend (who went home with a trundle bed, spice jars, towel bars, and some Christmas presents) and even though the day started with disappointment, I still consider it a successful trip. I got ideas for new projects and spent some quality time with my girlfriend – what more can you ask for?


2 responses to “Weekend outing

  1. WOW! You’ve totally inspired me with your IKEA purchase. I wouldn’t have thought of spice racks or picture ledges for the bathroom. One day, my never-ending bathroom project will be complete thanks to you. So inspired!

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