Pinned: I wanna be stress free

I’m having one hell of a week at work, and it’s only Wednesday! I need a short break from my stressful day so this episode of Pinned will be quick.

I picked up some sweet potatoes at the grocery store last weekend and found this yummy recipe. The grilled sweet potatoes have a kick to them, thanks to the cumin and cayenne pepper, but they are so yummy!

How adorable is this little Rudolph ornament? With all the wine I drink, I will have no problem saving enough corks to make gifts for people. I think my mom will especially love this nod to Christmas and wine.

I’m collecting ideas for my next pottery painting project, first seen here. I love these colors and patterns from the CeramicaBotanica Etsy shop. Which one is your favorite?

One of my Birchbox gifts this month was a coupon to Madewell. I stopped in the store today to browse around and spotted this adorable llama necklace – it’s definitely on my wish list! I must have a thing for animal jewelry.

I needed a little laugh to get through this week and Someecards is always good for that.

Sorry for being so brief today but I’ve gotta get back to the grind. Happy pinning.

3 responses to “Pinned: I wanna be stress free

  1. First of all – I love everything you’ve included in this post. Those potatoes look divine! I feel like I know exactly what they would taste like. I think the cork rudolph ornament is such a GREAT idea! I love upcycling like that! I might have to steal that one.

    I’m diggin the pattern on the plates – #7 and #18 are my favorites. The colors are beautiful, too. Can’t wait until you do them! Maybe a Xmas gift for Peety is somewhere in your next dinnerware plate DIY design. 😉

  2. Speaking of painting, I discovered today that there’s a BYOB paint place in town! It’s All Fired Up with wine! We definitely need to do that on one of your visits.

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