Fall TV

Some couples like to be really active and go on hikes or bike rides. Others like to experience new restaurants or local events every weekend. Me and R? We’re homebodies. We occasionally get out for a concert, dinner, or night with friends, but most of the time we can be found at home in our jammies watching our favorite shows. Even as I write this, we’re on the couch with our laptops watching Sunday Night Football.

I’m not sure I can even express the joy that comes over us when we find a 48 Hours: Mystery marathon on TV. Or find out there’s a great new movie on Netflix that we have to see. It’s like, BAM, date night is decided. Now that Fall TV has returned, I figure I should share what we’ll be watching.

And these are just the shows already on or premiering this week! I never noticed before but our nights are grouped together by genre. Monday and Tuesday are full of laughs with HIMYM and New Girl. Wednesday is suspenseful with Criminal Minds and American Horror Story (October 17). We get more lighthearted on Thursday with Parks & Recreation, Glee, and The League (October 11) and dramatically end the week with Dexter and Homeland. We are nothing if not organized.

Even though we pay for cable, I still considering these “free” date nights. What do you and your honey/puppy/cat/roommate/pillow pet like to watch? We like to watch new-to-us shows in the off-season.

2 responses to “Fall TV

  1. Fall TV makes me so happy. I’m so glad there’s someone else out there that feels the same.🙂 Pretty excited for Dexter!

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