Pinned: A quick one

Have I really let a week go by without blogging? I’m going to blame it partly on being sick for the last week but also on the fact that I’m not able to get some project supplies for a few more weeks. I have grand plans, though. Hopefully they will be worth the wait.

Did you know that The Princess Bride came out 25 years ago? It’s one of my favorite movies of all time so I got super excited when I saw this interview on The Today Show. Watch the interview here, and, just for fun, put together some of these paper craft characters.

Normally, I use lean ground turkey but beef was on sale this week so these stuffed peppers got a re-vamp. I’ve been wanting to make stuffed peppers for a while and I’m glad I finally did – R and I loved them!

Holy pop of color! A chevron wall and a pink-edged door…this entry is so fun and trendy. I’ve never seen this part of a door painted on its own but I dig it. This is a good baby step for someone who wants to paint a whole door but isn’t ready to make the full commitment.

Collars are all the rage lately, especially embellished or unique ones. This gold peter pan collar necklace is a modern way to add a collar to any shirt you like. The beaded blouse above is really cute and would probably be easy to replicate. Maybe I’ll take an old blouse and sew on some beads or gems – it would definitely give new life to a classic piece.

Did you know it’s best to buy a lawnmower in September? As someone who loves a bargain, this chart (from is awesome. OK, I already knew that buying a gas grill in December or January was smart (Winter isn’t really “grilling” season so they might be on sale) but some of these tips were new to me. Next time I want to buy a boat, I’m going to wait until April 🙂

I promise you won’t have to wait a whole week to hear from me again. Now get out there and pin!


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