Glass and metallics

I just stumbled upon the new Zara Home collection and I had to share some of my favorite things. Today, I’m drawn to the glass and gold look – accents that go with everything else in your home.

1. Cinde Box / 2. Gaby Throw / 3. Bambu Servers / 4. Wooster Table / 5. Ellen Tumbler / 6. Aurelia Tray

Other than the throw and serving utensils, everything can serve double (or triple) duty. I really love the Wooster Table’s removable tray top. Since it’s acrylic, you could easily customize it with a vinyl decal or colorful paper insert, like these, for any theme or occasion.

The tumblers obviously work as a set in the kitchen, or you could just get one and use it to hold makeup brushes. Boxes usually hide things from sight but imagine how pretty the Cinde glass case would look filled with colorful tea bags or your watch collection. As for the Aurelia Tray, this gal can hold anything from remotes to wine glasses.

See anything you like at Zara Home?


One response to “Glass and metallics

  1. OMG I was just getting ready to tell you about Zara Home! Isn’t it awesome?! I need more metallics in mah life!

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