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I’m definitely at that age when all of my friends are getting married. R and I are driving to Detroit this weekend to attend the fourth and final wedding of the year. I’ve never been to Michigan so I’m excited to visit some shops and eat at a barbecue joint we saw on the Food Network. I’ll have a recap of our trip next week but for now, let’s see what I’ve been pinning.

I need these to replace the pair I lost at Virgin Mobile Freefest last weekend. I don’t know how it happened but night fell and my ears were naked. These are from Bauble Bar and are incredibly similar to the ones I got at Target on clearance a few years ago, last photographed here. RIP, earrings.

These homemade ornaments are awesome! Meg from Happy Looks Good on You gives super easy instructions on how to make them, which involves clear glass ornaments, acrylic paint, and superhero logos. A fun Christmas gift would be The Avengers on DVD and Avengers ornaments.

Last week, mah gurl Peety and I took a much needed break at the mall, which she documented here. One of our stops was the American Girl store and boy did it take me back. The doll above is from the “My American Girl” line. I got one of these when I was younger – the idea was to pick one with features like you but for whatever reason, I chose one with blonde hair and blue eyes. This brunette, however, is much more like me. I just want to dig out my childhood toys now!

Right now, I’m inundated with wedding invites but soon enough, baby shower invites will be flooding my mailbox. I love this unique invite and everything else from Cards Inspired. They feature cute illustrations and colorful text that I would love to receive!

It was one year ago today when my girlfriends and I flew to Florida to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I think it’s only appropriate to celebrate the anniversary of that amazing trip with some Harry Potter themed cocktails. The one pictured is the Fred and George Weasley – watch out for the surprising pop rocks on the rim!

See you all next week with a recap of Michigan and cross your fingers that R and I don’t strangle each other after a nine hour car ride.


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