Motor City

I meant to post about my trip to Detroit yesterday but I was feeling a little under the weather slash was still exhausted from the weekend.

We went to the Motor City for a friend’s wedding (one of R’s former roommates) and luckily had another couple to travel with. Our 9+ hour road trip started around 11 PM on Thursday. I haven’t done an overnight drive in a few years and let me tell you, it is not fun. We were all exhausted by the time we got to the hotel and of course our room wasn’t ready. This is where our trip became mainly about food.

After cleaning up in the lobby bathroom, we rode the People Mover to the Detroit Beer Company for an early lunch. I highly recommend the Country Grilled Cheese – fontina & white cheddar, bacon, granny smith apples with a side of tomato bisque. Nom city. Lunch was immediately followed by a five hour nap.

Since a lot of the wedding guests were out-of-towners, the couple invited everyone to the rehearsal dinner at Pizza Papalis. I’m now obsessed with deep dish, Chicago-style pizza. The giant wine glass seen above was also much appreciated. I got a very good night’s sleep after a few of those.

If you’re like me then you love Adam Richman from Travel Channel’s Man v. Food and more recently, Best Sandwich in America. We were all so excited to visit Slow’s BBQ, home of his Great Lakes winner, the Yardbird. Check out Adam’s review here or just take my word for it.

The wedding ceremony and reception were held at the Model T Museum, which was really unique. There were glow sticks and random accessories for us to use during the reception, so R chose a neon orange fedora. Nice look, no?

See all those cups in front of us? The open bar made our 8:30 AM departure time really rough. I don’t think I’ll be going back to Detroit but I will say, the food was delicious. Where should R and I go on our next trip?

Since it’s Wednesday, I’ll be back later today with a Pinned post!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention how this trip fits in with discounts – traveling with friends definitely helped with the hotel cost and gas along the way. Even better, we got a friends & family hotel rate thanks to R’s best friend. BOOM, discounted.

4 responses to “Motor City

  1. you tell me all the time this blog is only about discounts, and yet not a single discount was mentioned. for shame.

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