Pinned: So much style

I didn’t spend much time on Pinterest this week because I was out of town for three days and home sick for one. Of course, I managed to find a few things to share with you for this week’s Pinned!

At the wedding we recently attended, the bride changed into a party dress so that’s why this Alyne Bridal dress (Fall 2013) caught my eye. Then I started poking around the other collections and…wow. I added two other full length gowns to my Pinterest board to keep in mind for when my day rolls around.

While we’re on the subject of fashion, I want to make sure you’re all aware of A Thing Created. This blogger has fun illustrations of fashionable things, as well as a shop that includes iPhone cases and prints. Trés chic!

I saw Caitlin Wilson‘s IKEA slipcover hack over at Little Green Notebook. This would be a fairly inexpensive way to update your furniture, which is discount-fab. I love that the pattern is polka dot-esque without being so symmetrical. Somehow this makes it feel more grown up to me.

I’m obsessed with mid-century designs and this mood board showcases that era with a few modern accents (chevron, flat screen tv) thrown in. Lime green works with so many design styles, which is probably why I like to incorporate it into every room in my apartment.

I actually chuckled when I clicked through to this pin’s original source – Zara Home! I just posted about my favorite glass and metallic pieces from the collection so it was coincidental timing. Halloween is a few weeks away if you want to pick these up, or maybe you’re kind of a punk like mah gurl Peety and need these for everyday use.

Next week’s Pinned is going to be something new and really fun and that’s all I’m going to say for now!


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